From Image Schemas to Cognitive Robotics

Score 1:0

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The Score 1:0 meeting is the kickoff event of the SCORE project, held at the University of Bremen between July 24-25.

It was held at the Cartesium Building. Instructions how to get there can be found following this link.

The program is shown below. Presentations can be downloaded as PDFs, listed next to the respective speakers.
First SCORE meeting: July 24-25, Bremen

JULY 24 (Tuesday)

11:00 Opening (Location: Cartesium, Rotunde)

John Bateman (Bremen) + Oliver Kutz (Bolzano)
The SCORE cooperation: topics and goals - PDF Slides

Oliver Kutz (Bolzano)
Conceptual Blending, Image Schemas, and Concept Generalisation - PDF Slides

Maria M. Hedblom (Bolzano)
Image Schemas and Event Conceptualisation

13:00 - 14:30 LUNCH

Daniel Beßler (Bremen)
KnowRob 2.0 -- A 2nd Generation Knowledge Processing Framework for Robotic Agents - PDF Slides


John Bateman (Bremen)
Moving on from natural language: from two-level semantics to image schemas - PDF Slides

Mihai Pomarlan (Bremen)
Embodied semantics for the language of action and change: Combining analysis, reasoning and simulation - PDF Slides


16:00 Coffee

Pietro Galliani (Bolzano)
A Roadmap Towards Tuneable Random Ontology Generation - PDF Slides

Fabian Neuhaus (Magdeburg)
The SCONE approach to ontology evaluation - PDF Slides


19:00 SCORE Dinner

JULY 25 (Wednesday)


Robotics Demos, SFB EASE, TAB-Building (near the Fallturm, end of the tramline #6)

13:00 - 14:30 LUNCH

Robert Ross (Dublin)
Learning Facts from Piction

Fumiaki Toyoshima (LOA Trento / JAIST Institute, Japan)
Towards a formal modelling of affordances - PDF Slides

Oliver Kutz (Bolzano)
The Mouse and the Ball: Image Schema Logic and its agentive extension

16:00 COFFEE

Topic 1: Ontology Design Patterns, Image Schemas, Robotics: How to operationalise image schemas in a robotics framework

Topic 2: Simulation and embodiment: how to treat seriously the dynamic aspects of image schemas from the KR standpoint

Topic 3: Testing the usefulness of formalised notions of embodiment: ontology generation, image schema detection, pattern mining

18:00 Closing